Thursday, 8 December 2016

Musings On Doing Gotham

Final Musings On Doing Gotham 
{Before All That Real Yummy Fun Begins}
Like so many wargamers, table top skirmish gamers: rpg boardgame, and pen & paper RPG people out there, there comes a stage in your hobby passion when you want to immerse into something a little deeper... you want to find that all consuming `thing` with which to fill a greater portion of that hobby passion you spend so much time dabbling about with. Trouble is, where to begin, isn`t it? Half the time we get these great ideas, and we make half hearted stabs at them, but never really see that wonderful magnum opus reach table top fruition.

Often this is simply because we run out of steam part way through the painting of the miniatures, or something else... something new and shiny comes along and distracts us from the original idea. But often it is because, when all is said and done, a great idea very often just stays a great idea... in our head! Never actually gets worked out, formulated, and constructively engineered into a practical format for eventually rendering onto the tabletop - as an actual game!

Even if you overcome the hurdle of all the above, there is still the final evil big boss to overcome. The fact that most of us have, over the years, accumulated so much stuff for our hobby, we don’t even know where to begin. How CAN we plan that super-duper World War Two campaign, spanning the entire siege of Stalingrad: when we also have four other entire armies waiting in line to finish... sitting in four huge heaps of unpainted lead?  “Why did I even buy that Roman Army, and what about that huge pile of  Napoleonic French, or those Pulp Fiction Wild West Cowboys... and this doesn’t even address the issue of that huge pile of zombies I still need to assemble, let alone paint.” And so it goes on. How CAN we start that magnum opus game, when we feel so guilty all the time. Concentrate on just one aspect of the hobby, and the rest will all sit unused, unloved, and basically... just wasted! And so we run about like headless chickens, trying to do it all, telling ourselves we are `eclectic` gamers and can do it... “I can do it, I can do it!”
For me, I have this problem a little bit, although I have stopped the situation getting any worse for myself, by being pretty good and sticking to the literally VAST collection(s) I already own, and not exacerbating the problem for myself by building an even bigger pile of unused stuff, I will simply never ever in a million years get round to playing with. I`m fifty four.... keep buying more and I will never even get to see half of what I own unwrapped and the box lids opened, let alone played with in any amount of devotion that justifies the money spent on it.
No, I have my Zulus (bloody vast collection and I love them to bits). I have my Liberty or Death (America War of Independence.... such a complete collection, I will never ever need to expand it any further, during the entire rest of my life): and finally, I have my prize and treasured Heroclix/Horrorclix collection.
Of course I have tons of other stuff: the list of which would be as long as my arm if I named it all: Zombicide, Black Plague, Arkham Horror, Super Dungeon Explore, Memoir 44, The Great War, and so on and so on and so on and SO ON. But although I love all the things I have, these others simply fall into the category of `side show diversions` for me. Tit bits to enjoy every now and again, when I want (and need) a nice break from the `serious three` subjects I ordinarily play. I guess it would be fair to say that my main three subjects (Zulus, AWI, and Clix) take up a good 85% of my passion, and all the rest probably fills in no more than 15% of my remaining hobby time. Doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE the rest of my stuff... my small fry stuff. It just means I prioritize well, to ensure I manage to play the big campaign projects, and don’t just end up talking about it, and yet never actually getting any of it done.
Right now, I am painting two of my main `serious three` like crazy...  my Zulus and my Liberty or Death American Revolution! But it is with the third main passion that I am currently concentrating the vast majority of my table top efforts. Why clix, you may ask? Well, three reasons really... in the following order of importance. (a) They are all pre-painted. We simply have to `lob` them off their stands, `plop` them onto cool new bases, more in keeping with the more usual 28/30mm models, and away you go.... instant gaming gratification: while I carry on the endless slog of assembling and painting the hundreds upon hundreds of other figures I need to get done for my other two main subjects. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a game ready to go, while you work away at the rest, and avoids boredom and a lack of continued enthusiasm. (b) it is December, and from experience, I know that December and January are difficult months of the year to knuckle down to intense creativity. Too many guests, too many things to plan for the approaching festive season, and far too many sundry distractions, even to concentrate constructively on the more serious matter of gaming. And (c) well, I have three main subjects to cover, as already mentioned: and I have to start somewhere, so it’s really a case of eenie-meenie-miney-mo!  Clix are already painted so is the most viable option right now: so yeah, this has become the logical starting point for all my current gaming endeavours.
So how do you go about creating a big campaign... What is a campaign game anyway?
Well, a miniatures campaign might mean different things to different folks. To some it may (at its most rudimentary) be a series of semi-linked one off games. A to B to C to D and so on. With a very basic “if she lives through game one she will appear in game two” sort of thing. Nothing really solid or written out, but fun never the less. Then there are the linked campaign systems pre-written into many boxed narrative type table top miniatures games nowadays. Games like the latest Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System Boardgame “Temple of Elemental Evil” or the Zombicide Compendium scenario book. These usually offer a very basic linked system of games, with knock on effects between adventures as the campaign runs through its paces. The above styles of play are a little too simplistic and basic for me, and leave me always wanting more. No, I prefer the third way of campaigning...  DIY, good old do it yourself.

It takes a lot of effort but the rewards will pay dividends.  Of course, the first thing you need is for all the proud `troops` in your collection to be painted.  There is no coincidence why I chose my main hero (me) in my historical games to be “Quartermaster Gilbert.”  The minutia of supply is a major consideration to any full blown campaign. How do you feed the army, how exactly do you steer 600 head of cattle across 200 miles of African veldt. How many men do you then pull away from other duties to make the fencing necessary to contain that many animals... how many native contingent shepherds do you assign to looking after them? How many soldiers do you pull off other duties to guard those shepherds?
What if the wrong calibre of ammunition arrives on the newly arrived supply wagons.
Um, General, Sir?”
“Yes Perkins, what is it?”
“The, erm, supplies have just been unpacked from the wagons Sir, only we seem to have run into a slight problem.”
“Yes..? Well spit it out man?”
“Yes, Sir. It seems the 7.2 calibre rounds needed for our riflemen never arrived with the current shipment. Instead they have issued us with crates of 8.1 calibre naval rounds, only usable with the Lewis Guns, Sir.”
“Blast it Perkins!”
This can all be triggered by a series of random tables (ideal if playing solo too). And a series of self asked questions: Has the wagon train carrying the wrong ammunition already departed for the port? How many days ride is the port? When they get there, will they find that the much needed ammunition has in fact been wrongly assigned to the 17th Regiment of Horse eighty miles in the opposite direction, leaving them in the same boat as you... with your ammunition, which is utterly useless to them? And so it goes on, as you raise new issues on the random tables, you resolve these problems by firing a series of questions with “Yes” or “No” calculations written into the list of possible answers. The generic solo RPG and wargame system “Mythic” admirably deals with all these things. I personally have written my own system for dealing with these types of conditions, but the bottom line is, it all becomes amazingly addictive the more you get into and involved with the tiny minutia of running an army on battle manoeuvres.  And if you are not into wargaming, everything can still be applied to skirmish level games, from Dungeons and Dragons to a full on Zombie apocalypse.
Did the last foraging trip bring in enough seeds to plant a harvest for the following spring? Did any of the seed crop get damp and spoiled during that last forest fire? Two of your people are suffering from chest infections, do you have enough antibiotics to see them through, or do you need to make another accursed run to the city hospital on the outskirts of New Metropolis, in the hope of finding more... do you even have enough gas left to make it that far? Perhaps you will first need to make a trip to the local town to raid the gas station for the third time this month... and man, those Z`s are getting cagy and wise to you at that place. You very nearly lost a man there last time!
 Yeah, logistics is the fundamental key to a successful and enjoyable campaign, and it takes time to set all this up, just like a D&D Dungeon Master has to do before-hand when he/she creates his or her amazing game world.
I imagine this is exactly the approach Bryan will take with his Judge Dredd Cursed Earth adventures. With the size of his collection and the sheer rich wealth of background knowledge and material there is for this highly defined science fiction world, it must be a game designer`s dream to work within the parameters of such an open ended data base. Much the same way that the happy Warhammer 40K gamer has oodles and oodles of material to work from when he digs into his dark future sci-fi Tyranids, Eldar, and.... god knows what else at his finger tips.
Gotham has all this for me too. First up, there are the four amazing films made in the late 80`s/early 90`s... Tim Burton at his best I always say. Four amazing films covering a diverse range of characters from The Joker (Jack Nickelson) , Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), Penguin (Danny DeVito) , The Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr Chase Meridian (Nocole Kidman), Harvey Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones), Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman), Mr Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and so on and so on. Then some years later we had the highly cool, almost macabre Dark Night trilogy: various off shoot movies from Catwoman (Halle Berry), and Electra (Jennifer Garner)... and now we have the extraordinary HBO classic series “Gotham” currently hitting our TV screens, with season 3 due to be aired in the very near future.
Of course, if we want to bring other elements into our games and do some cool crossovers, we have all three Captain America movies, all three Iron Man, The Avengers movies, The Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor one and two, Batman Versus Superman, Suicide Squad, and cool series like Agent Carter, and three series of Agents of Shield. The cinematic world has never been kinder to the aspiring fantasy sci-fi superhero table top gamer.
You may note that I mention the films/movies a lot. This is because I will be using these as the main basis of my Dark Knight stories... my version of Gotham. I have no interest in slavishly following the 40 odd years of comic books which cover these tales in contradictory and often conflicting minutia (and often childishly rendered), and for me, the cinema graphic versions will (for the most part) do me fine. In the same way that, let’s say.. someone wanting to get into Middle Earth gaming, might not want to wade through thousands of pages of Tolkien`s literature just to get to the point where the gamer feels he/she is student enough to host a decent game. Peter Jackson did the gaming world a big favour in one sense, because now it is quite possible for the fledgling hobbyist to base an entire campaign on the 3 hobbit and the 3 lord of the rings epics, without any need to study further. Many would consider 20 hours of movie information (plus 60 hours of extended DVD added documentary footage) as plenty haha. This is how I feel about the Batman, quadrilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, and three (to date) series of Gotham... which gives me about 50 hours of viewing information to play with for my games.
For me, the logistic of running a `living world` adventure campaign is immense, and awe inspiringly cool. Just keeping track of all the divergent plot, threads, storylines, side plots, dead ends, traps, cover ups, double agents, infiltrators, emergent powers, organisations... aliens.... monsters,....  ghosts and ghoulish entities, vampires, werewolves, killer clowns, and a partridge in a pear tree, makes the idea of running a `supers` game, a phenomenally desirable opportunity of sheer delight and a gamer`s paradise to paddle and play about in.
For me, I plan not only to delve deeply into the various existing comic book factions, kingpins, and mafia crime lords: but I also plan to make up a lot of my own unique super people (never written about in any comic book), and create superheroes of my own imagination. I plan to check out and invest in some cool applications to allow me to create realistic looking comic book text and odd shaped script windows. Lots of Pow! Zap! And Ka-Blams! Haha. And perhaps most importantly, I intend to have an absolute blast doing it all.
I might not always know the exact chronology of events of such and such a character, or the order of events of major story arcs, but I DO have people like Tarot (who is a veritable walking library, and is an absolute font of knowledge), and I have Hils, and the guys to point out when I`ve made a mistake.  But most important of all, a lot of the time I will be aware of divergent options I will take, and follow my own paths to the exclusion of true events.  For example I may well ignore the entire of “The Killing Joke” (where the Joker leaves Barbara Gordon terribly injured and confined to a wheelchair)  and  “Death in the Family” (where Jason/Robin gets killed), or I may only take bits of this and put my own spin on things. Such things will be deliberate, so where I take divergent options, it will not be lack of comic lore that makes me do it thus... but choices to `go my own way` regarding some of the larger overall story arcs.
And so, this will probably be the last time I talk about my Gotham campaign in this way. After this post, it will be the real thing. As my campaign is all but ready to get underway. Up until Christmas at the very least, pretty much all the upcoming posts at The Game Cupboard will be devoted to this single and very focussed theme.
I do hope you all enjoy it. I have lots of delights planned for your smoothly strict delectation *said in best Joker voice*

Article By Steve




Thursday, 1 December 2016

Zombicide - "A Twilight World"

Zombicide - "A Twilight World"
The Concluding Part 2

They called him “Mr Honk” at The Falkhurst psychiatric hospital where he permanently resided. He frequently escaped, where he could usually be found hanging about public places, entertaining people with his `funnies` making balloon animals for the children, and generally entertaining folks with his free impromptu shows... until the nurses would come, of course, and cart him right on back to the padded ward. These breaks for freedom usually heralded a short but violent outbreak, during which times he would have to be sedated while the fits slowly wore themselves out.. and eventually subsided into a calm, chin dribbling catatonia.
When Mr Honk escaped during the week end sales and made his way to The Mall: unfortunately, this coincided precisely with the sudden virulent outbreak of the zombie virus... and this time no orderlies came to bring him `home` to his nice safe, soft, padded cell; and the clown was left to wander among the shopping aisles totally unmolested. He ate ice cream, and candy, and boiled sweeties, and all manner of things he would normally have been forbidden to eat (the sugar tended to send him hyper). But Mr Honk wasn`t stupid. He may have been a lunatic, but he sure wasn`t as slow as many quite wrongly assumed. He twigged the fact that the `outbreak` was happening before anyone else even began seriously to respond to it. Holing up in a warehouse... full of cotton candy, he settled down to a good tucker munch of yummy goodness: all washed down by copious quantities of fizzy Coke.
He had found the keys to The Mall (quite by chance) when he had hit the security guard over the head with a fire axe. `Man that guy`s head came apart!` He recalled. But yeah, that guard had a huge bunch of keys on him, and Mr Honk had used them to go round systematically opening doors and searching for even more lovely candy. Unfortunately, he didn’t really grasp the concept of closing the doors after himself, and this had allowed many of the roaming infected access to fresh areas of The Mall.
Mr Honk had discovered (maybe because his clothing was splattered in zombie gunk) that if he stood still, the dead `ums tended to leave him alone. Thus is was that he had first encountered Dakota! He spotted immediately, by her attire, that she was an inmate at the penitentiary. But he said nothing about that. He was good at keeping secrets. He had simply smiled... and just knew what he had to do. She was a whore! He could smell it off her. Her large semi bare breasts were witness to the fact she was a harlot, an adulterous, and one of the fallen angels of Satan. He would soon send her into the light, and burn away the evil pollution residing in her heart. In fact he would cut that out and write his usual cryptic message with the blood. They had never caught him. They were not even aware of the serial of killings perpetuated in the area this last couple of years. 
It was all a sign from God. If God hadn`t wanted him to do it, he wouldn’t have let the vigilant administrations of his servant remain undetected, would he?  Mr Honk the Clown had learned to be ever-so-efficient in what he did.
“Be careful opening that door.” He called out softly to the whore. “There are dogs on the other side. Only, they aren`t right, see. They seem to be affected like the rest!”
Dakota opened the door quietly...slowly, just a crack. Sure enough there they were. The smell assailed her nose immediately.. uugh, dead! They were frickin` dead - just like those walking fucking shoppers. But the dogs were at the far end of a back yard among the trash. They seemed to be worrying over something.... a dead body? Looking ahead and to the right a bit, Dakota saw their chance.

There was a gate which, presumably, would lead out to the street, and to other stores on the far side of the road. “Let’s do this, and quietly.” She whispered over her shoulder to the clown, who was smiling at her as she did so.

They were half way to the gate when the first hound turned its ugly dead head and stared at them both with empty white hungry eyes. Pulling back its nasty looking lips, it showed teeth, and blood and gore and flesh, hanging in torn fleshy strips from its mouth. Two other dogs turned to stare after the first.

“Run!” Dakota yelled. And the two of them sprinted across the yard to the gate, now a mere few meters away.
Praying it was not padlocked, Dakota breathed a silent prayer, when she discovered the lock had already been forced and was lying in a heap of chain at the foot of the gate. Flinging the wooden gate open, the two of them rushed out.... pulling it firmly shut behind them. Just as the dog pack reached the other side and threw themselves against it with a crescendo of sound.
They were suddenly back out on the street... right at the back of The Mall. The dead were everywhere... walking, shuffling, stumbling: aimlessly and without purpose. Dakota realised with the commotion from the dogs, and the woman and the clown`s sudden alarming appearance practically amidst the cadavers... it was only a matter of moments before they were spotted.
Making a quick, silent `follow me` gesture with her hand, Dakota proceeded to cross the road... with almost nonchalantly slow regular movements, yet stiff and pained; trying not to draw any attention.
Dakota jumped. Behind her came a loud HONK... HONK... as the clown let loose an ill timed funny. Every single zombie, as one, turned and looked at them with their milk white eyes, then started to shamble purposefully towards them. One of the dead actually began to run.
“Move it!” Dakota screamed. And ran full pelt for the nearest door.
Behind her, the clown gave a vicious leer: and lifting his machete high over his head, he chopped downwards, behind the woman`s back. The zombie which has been about to lunge at her neck, fell like a stone, bought down in a spout of deep crimson. There was a Crash!! As Dakota hit the lock on the door, it yielded under her assault and suddenly they were in off the street.. and out of immediate danger. Mr Honk slammed the door shut behind them, giggling heartily too himself. Already Dakota was scanning the darkness for any sign of movement. All seemed still.
She swung on her heel to the clown. “What the holy crap do you think you were doing just now?”
The Man shrugged. “I don’t know.” He giggled. “It just seemed the right thing to do at the time.”
“Pull another stupid stunt like that, and you`re on your own, get it?” Actually, Dakota was already silently deciding to ditch this weird bozo the second she got a chance. Why did she need his God damn bloody Mall keys anyway?
Mr Honk just giggled and thrust a bar of candy clumsily into his mouth, as he looked at her in silence.
{{Using a search action, she checked the Red Token in the building... its reverse side was also red, so a new survivor was not found. However, she used two search tokens and found 10 points worth of food and water... that’s 10 of the 20 points of sustenance each and every adult survivor needs to scavenge, and survive one week in my world}}.
“Pull another stupid stunt like that, and you`re on your own, get it?”
{{The token is red on the reverse side. Not the hoped for Blue.  Damn, so no new survivor. But this did give her breathing space and allowed her to search for food and drink.}}
The commotion at the front of the store was getting serious, and judging by the splintering of wood, the doors there would not hold much longer. It was now or never. The good news was that the noise at the front had pulled most the walkers away from the sides of the building, leaving a relatively clear path for the pair to make good their escape.
Slipping out the small side door, Dakota and Mr Honk sprinted along the road and away from immediate danger.

They chopped down a lone walker as they run past the foul cadaver.
The Clown saw his moment and started to raise his blade to deliver the holy gift of pain to this terrible fallen hussy of a woman. But Dakota had spent too much of her life around extreme danger.. too long used to this sort of crap, to miss the immediate warning signs. She swung round, raised both barrels... and fired. The clown howled in agony and went down in a mass of his own, thick, crimson pumping gore.
But somehow he managed to find his feet again, and turned and ran howling along the road.. back the way they had both just come. By the time Dakota was reloaded. The clown was out of sight. Just a red pool of blood remained on the ground, where Jack and Jill had left their tell tale mark on the dreadful creature that was Mr Honk.
Turning with a satisfied smile, she blew on the barrels of her still smoking guns, and sauntered away (off the board) to safety.
Way off behind her, something big roared in hungry rage.
Dakota ran and she ran, along the road and away from The Mall. Eventually she came to an intersection, and then a crossroads. She thought how pretty that flock of gulls and crows looked: the contrast between the black and the white! Until she realised the smell coming off them: and saw the tattered feathers and the rags of decaying flesh hanging off their raggedy wings. They seemed too busy, too intent eating some fresh road kill to notice the woman. And Dakota backed away slowly, hoping against hope they didn’t stop what they were doing... or look up and notice her!


Mr Honk was in such pain, but he was slowly slipping out of consciousness as his life`s blood pulsed steadily away onto the ground. Eventually he slumped onto the floor and knew no more.


Soon afterwards, he would join his new brothers and sisters on the street and began to shamble and stumble his way along the road with them.
But suddenly he caught the scent of a woman, a woman he very much wanted to hurt, to kill and to eat. It felt the right thing to do. Without warning, the thing that has been Mr Honk, started to run. It had her scent, and the rest of the herd followed after.
Amidst the steadily growing crowd... an abomination roared. The sound was picked up by the second cry of a brand new abomination: while the moans of the dead formed a deep, morose, choral support.
The End
Article By Steve







Friday, 25 November 2016

Tarot`s Musings

Tarot`s Musings
November 25th: Washing day and room tidy - and putting off doing either as long as possible.
Well, the gang are all sick. On the way back from the uk recently a woman behind me on the plane was coughing so badly I wondered at the time why she was even travelling (and doubtless infecting dozens of other people). Sure enough, although it seemed to miss me entirely, I ended up being the carrier, and indeed I carried the virus right into the guys’ home. Now Stevie has a virulent chest infection and looks like death warmed up: and seems to be turning interesting shades of green every time he has a coughing fit - Poor guy :(   And Hil is not much better, and she says her ribs hurt with all the coughing, and the pair of them are totally out of action for the rest of next week I`d say.
So it falls to me to cover for them.. which is the least I can do, seeing as I inadvertently bought the thing into the house in the first place.
And so, having spoken with both the Gilberts senior, they have given me permission to talk about something which is very important to........... well, all three of us really: Stevie, Hil, and myself. I want to talk about blogs and blogging, and some pretty major changes we all want to make to the way the site runs. This should ensure that the future of The Game Cupboard (for us, the contributors) becomes a more rewarding place for us to express ourselves.
Originally the blog was a celebration of all things fantasy: from Zombies, Heroclix and Dungeons and Dragons, to full on game reviews and battle reports. The site was originally created by Bryan Scott and Stephen Gilbert, with regular contributions from Steve`s wife Hilary, and from me as well. I think the whole thing was heavily influenced by the more `fantastical` side of things, and Stephen`s love of historical was really just a foot note.. more of a nod to this facet of his hobby than anything else. But then Bryan found it quite taxing to write material for both this site and his own `main` blog, and so after several months, he withdrew from writing for us entirely, which allowed him, once again, to concentrate on his main passion over at his Vampifan site. His hobby love is undead things, zombicide and the like, and he enjoys regularly showcasing the figures he paints.. and just lately, indulging in a new passion - Judge Dredd miniatures. so you can see, he is kept pretty busy over at his blog. And so Stephen and Hilary took over the running of The Game Cupboard (originally called the Gamers Cupboard, but Stevie changed this to what he considered a more `snappy` title when he took over full ownership of it all).
Now here in lies the dilemma. I have given a brief history of the blog to show its roots and original aims. But with Bryan gone, many of the overriding focus points that did exist, no longer apply. We all found ourselves writing articles and posting things we thought everyone else wanted to read about.. instead of enjoying the subjects we really wanted to cover; and which excite us to write about. And so, thinking to write something everyone would enjoy, we started our “Ravenloft” Dungeons and Dragons campaign, believing this would excite everyone. However, of our main contributors, it has become clear that D&D is not something that floats people`s boat. In fact, only one regular contributor to our posts seems to be enjoying it. In truth it is often hard to tell if a blog topic is popular or not, because of a steadily growing membership/following (if you are a blog owner yourself, you will have discovered this yourself) probably only about 10% maximum, will ever leave comments... so we usually lack the feedback to know what goes down well and what doesn’t. 10%, that’s about one in ten people (statistically) will ever respond to a post. So yeah, it’s not easy always to gauge what to write about. However, of our forty or so followers (we are still a relatively a new site, so regular readers is still small) this means we receive regular comments from about four people. Of those four, only one has expressed any deeply favourable comments about our Dungeons and Dragons articles. From this we can only work on the assumption of the feedback we get.. so if only one of four people (comment writers) are enjoying our new campaign, obviously it’s time to `axe` it and think of something new to write about (of course, we will still play the campaign ourselves, we just won’t post the result of our sessions or after action reports). We assume everyone enjoyed our Hero and Horror Clix posts, so we will go back to that soon: and we will keep trying out new things: Shadows of Brimstone will soon in the offing, as too will be other fantasy tit bits to delight and thrill you hehe, well that`s the aim anyway.
However, and here is the big but! We have always, up to now, primarily written about things we thought went with the original premise of the site – i.e. fantasy (in its many guises) was always the lead most topic to be covered. This left us all a little empty at times, and yearning to write more about the things that really interested us: which is a lot more historical games such as: Sails of Glory (a Napoleonic `age of sail` table top ship to ship combat wargame), Memoir 44 World War Two, The Great War (which is another cool Richard Borg game), `Black Powder` Zulu Wargaming, Black Powder American Revolution wargaming, Bolt Action (and variations of that theme), FFG`s Tannhauser (weird World War One and Two), and we really want to cover The American Civil War at some stage as well. All these fully painted, half painted, and partially painted projects all champing at the bit to be covered by us, and yet up to now we have not done so as we should have liked to do.. because we wanted to try and cover subjects we thought were more in keeping with the original aim of the blog. Of course we also wish to cover fantasy but the fantasy we (ourselves) would REALLY like to cover, are things like Lord of the Rings 40mm TMG – a rare and barely remembered blast from the past, when Peter Jackson`s first LotR movie “The Fellowship of the Ring” was only just out in the cinemas, and queues (in America and the UK) were reaching over a mile long just in the hopes of getting in to see it. People were camping on the streets, in sleeping bags over night, determined to get a chance to see this remarkable piece of cinema-graphic history  (to this day I never understand those who (latterly) say the films are crap: a symptom of the modern mind and its over indulgent analysis, as every person is a critic nowadays). Also we want to cover some 70`s and 80`s British TV dramas, like Terry Nation`s Blakes 7, Survivors, Timeslip, and The Tomorrow People. Alternative world reality HeroClix also needs to be covered in much more detail (Hail Hydra), and maybe even some custom Black Plague material (that was another subject we originally planned to cover, but which received little interest). Of course, with Super Dungeon Explore “Legends” just around the corner, our love of anime won’t be forgotten either, especially the more `eastern` themed adventures. We also hope to get round to FFG`s Arkham Horror, and a lot more of that sort of thing in the coming future.
But it is with the historical gaming we will, from now on, concentrate on a lot more: perhaps more like 50% 50%, proportionally, and see how it goes from there.. This will allow us to enjoy what we write a lot more, and might even (eventually) attract more wargamers to the blog. We are aware we may lose some of you as well, as pure fantasy may well be your main (and only) tipple. But it’s a case of catch 22. Continue to write to please, what we can only assume, you want: and it is not always the sort of subjects we really want to be covering, and in detail. But write for ourselves, and we run the risk of changing things so much, that our current followers simply move on to other blogs.. while we hope, in time, to attract some historical gamers along the way.
 Support our historical heritage. Run by really knowledgeable people who care deeply about our past and strive to keep it alive for all to discover and enjoy for themselves.
My belief is, if you write with conviction and are obviously enjoying what you write, it will show through in the standard of the articles themselves.
Please do take a couple of moments to leave us some comments. Our delight when you do is so very much appreciated: and helps us to gauge what you enjoy to see us post.
Article by Tarot