King, Parliament & Zombies

I Proudly Present My

 17th Century Civil War Campaign

(With Lots of Zombies Added).

 England is on the brink of war, brought about by a King who is out of touch with his people... a people taxed to the hilt and resentful of their Sovereign`s excessive extravagances and his ill considered foreign wars, both abroad and nearer to home.. against the petulant Scots.

Though the people (through the Parliament) try unsuccessfully to curb Charles` blind intolerances, everyone feels it: the growing cancer, the evil blight residing within the wicked hearts of men: the change in the air... War it coming!  A Civil War: fought between brother against brother, father against son, cousin versus cousin. A blood bath where the other side never quite seems like the enemy. Yet the ceaseless killing and driving resentments becomes a deep, bitter bloody feud.. each believing themselves to be righteous, on the right side, and the true sons and daughters of God.

Then the stinking mists arrived on the rugged coastal regions of Cornwall, East Anglia, then poured inland along the coastline of Scotland, and glided like a thin shimmering mantle over the land. Sweeping over the massed Civil War battlefields and graveyards of Britain, binging with it the disease: The Rot.... and the terrible Black Plague."

Suddenly King and Parliament faced an entirely new threat, far more deadly even, than the one they had previously known.

Can they finally put aside their grievances and work together to defeat the evil blight which slowly spreads across the land?


Stay tuned over the coming weeks for the fun to begin.

A Campaign I call

"King, Parliament and Zombies"

A Zombicide: Black Plague Conversion.


  1. This is another page I am VERY interested in seeming grow and develop.

  2. Thanks tar` I do admit I will really enjoy taking D&D and help putting it back on its kingly throne where it belongs. It`s not THE original grand-daddy of rpg for nothing.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops and grows.

  4. Thanks mate, I think I know j-u-s-t where to start as well.

    *grins happily*

  5. I woke up this morning (as usual), turned on the computer and prepared to check the blog (normal morning routine) while relaxing over a steaming hot mug of coffee.. and immediately spotted a title change. It no longer reads Steve`s D&D Campaign Page and instead now says: "King, Parliament, and Zombies"

    So what am I missing, tell me tell me tell me?

  6. Morning Tarot, hmmm let me explain.

    I wanted to do a D&D page, right? that has not changed. But lately, I have been trying to organise my gaming head space to make maximum room for enjoying the hobby and actually making more time to paint minis AND game more on the table top. But in my eternal struggle to curb, cull and generally cut down on the sheer bulk of things I own, I sometimes like to combine interests... join forces as it were, so I can use two or even three different collections to make a single game out of the lot. It suddenly dawned on me that I had an opportunity here to do just this by combining Zombicide Black Plague, my 28mm Warlord Games English Civil War miniatures and my love for Dungeons and Dragons... bring all these elements together, and create my very own, and utterly unique campaign sandbox. It really helps that `Cool Mini or Not` did not set their Black Plague within a world of the their own devising, choosing instead to set the game in a non specified generic time, space and location... nice move CMoN.

    I have been thinking of doing something like this for a while now, and in fact I mentioned it to Bryan a while ago as a tentative idea I was toying with. The idea struck me after reading Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith`s “Pride Prejudice and Zombies” (an amazing re-take on the classic novel, with the walking dead sprinkled into the mix). The film is out in the cinema now actually and is due to be released on DVD in a few weeks. I`m sure it will be a total flop as far as the general public is concerned (in the same way Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was a failure)... but I am SURE I shall be enchanted, enthralled, and absolutely adore it.

    Didn’t take my mind long to start to ponder: “hmmmm, bring the idea back a hundred years or so (i.e. to King Charles as opposed to early French Revolution era) and you got yourself a perfect setting for a zombie plague... right in the middle of a civil war. History, make belief, and `what if` all rolled into one.”

    So Tarot, when Bryan set the page up for me, he just picked a name that sounded suitable. The page needed a tile, right? All I`ve done is tinker with that title, and re-named it to better suit my actual game purposes.

    Trust me, it will be FUN :)

  7. *grins at Bryan in happy, mischievous secrecy... silently planning oh so many wonderfully delicious evil things to chill thrill and enthral his undead loving sensibilities *

  8. I've seen the film and it's brilliant! Simply brilliant!! I loved it.......

    Look forward to seeing the campaign develop

  9. OMG WOW I`m soooooo jealous, I got to wait until my DVD copy arrives lol. Least we got a 72 inch TV and six surround sound speakers, so it will be worth the wait hehe.

  10. Not seen Pride, Prejudice & Zombies, but thoroughly enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! And now we have this! Cool!
    "Better roundhead than 'zed!"

  11. {{"Better roundhead than 'zed!"}}


    Abraham L was very enjoyable. I bet Pride Prejudice and Zombies is an absolute blast as well.

    Stevie, what is the reason why you chose to set this around the first civil war (I`m presuming you will start it before, include the Bishops War and go through some or most of the Civil war itself, straight up history and then diversify by adding in a sprinkling of zombies and necromancers, right)? I`m not knocking it darling, I`m just curious why you chose this war and not the second civil war, or later even into the Monmouth Rebellion. It was a very brave thing to follow the complicated weave of history between 1642 to 45 -ish. You have set yourself a monumental task.

  12. You will find it hard to believe actually tar` because there is actually no real logic to it beyond, well..... I have this thing about wanting to include Prince Rupert and his dog into my games (the dashing young hero and foolish rake who came to aid King Charles for no greater reason than that `it might be fun`). Plus I have a deep interest in some of the main characters who rose to prominence during 42/45. People like Lady Brilliana Harley, who, in the absence of the men of her family, bravely defended her husband’s castle at `Brampton Bryan` from Royalist forces (with no more than a handful of faithful retainers, house servants and the gardener). Sir George Goring and his long term friend Sir William Waller (but enemy during the war). Imagine two best friends set in a death match, each trying with all their skill and might to defeat the other man and the opposing army.... and yet, remaining friends throughout. This could only happen during this very particular special (bloody) little war, and I find it absolutely fascinates me.

    Couple this with the fact that this exact time period was (if you imagine it like a set of scales) the absolute balance between old medieval warfare and the beginning of the new (firearms and cannon); making the whole this unique and fascinatingly engrossing.

  13. Finally got to see Pride Prejudice and Zombies (we bought the DVD), and I can solidly vouch for it. Its unusually addictive, beautifully set, strangely macabre, and intensely watchable.

    1. I've only just ordered this film and I'm immensely looking forward to watching it. Thanks for the recommendation, Hil (and Steve, of course).

  14. The film is AMMMAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZING!!!!!!!

    1. I wholeheartedly concur. I absolutely loved it!