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My ongoing Heroclix campaign collected in one easy to digest format for your pleasure.

Hi guys, Tarot here.
I am writing this as, kinda, an introduction to a new TGC page dedicated solely to HeroClix, HorrorClix and lots of other bit.. and bobs.. related to the game: yet all focussing on customisation, alterations, homemade or hand crafting, and anything I can think of along the way, to enhance the Clix game in some way. 
I will be running this page, and hopefully providing some ideas, insight, and lots of fun for you guys to follow along with me.. if you like that is; hey,no pressure.
Mostly I will be focussing on creating and, hopefully, bringing to life a huge Hero/Horror Clix campaign which, well.. simply put, was too big and took up too much space to go alongside the normal weekly web articles. So hey, I got a promotion hehe (or maybe I`m now just allocated to a place in the closet out of harm`s way) *grins*  either way, I now got a dedicated place where I can work on the campaign to my heart`s content without annoying you guys to much. If you do come over and peek in my page from time to time, maybe leave the odd comment (it always feels nice).
Posts here wont be as frequent. Perhaps only one a month or so, but I do promise, that if you come  and check out each instalment, you will find a heck of a deep and involved unfolding Clix campaign, run by little ol` me, with some cool table top session help of my lovely friends.
This is only a brief intro for now, and stops this page sitting empty for the next few weeks. But trust me please. Soon this page will be buzzing with all things Clix, and more besides.
 Hopefully taking the simple, lowly game of HeroClix to places you have never seen before. HorrorClix too, will get a makeover and I hope to show you table top horror at its best.. I certainly shall try to thrill and chill you anyway.
Do please check back here in a while and see what's new.


  1. Many congrats on starting this page, Tarot. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on it and will leave you many comments.

  2. Thank you Bryan, that's very, very sweet of you.

  3. Congratulations sweetie, make this page your own, make it shine as only you can. I know you can do it darling.

  4. Grats on the page tar` hun, I think you will have a ball taking all things Clix and making it well and truly yours... you will OWN this page and this game I think.

  5. Oh my, concentrated Tarot - all in one place? My week has officially just moved from "pretty good" to "almost awesome". And to be declared "totally awesome" will depend on whether the new Ghostbusters movie is as good as I'm hoping...
    Either way, I'll be here.

  6. Awwww Jez you are sweet. Do I have my very first and one and only champion *blushes* hehe bless. I feel special now <-- does the happy dance.*

    Bear with things a while and I will be giving you undiluted Clix campaign, without having to pull back, as I now have the space to write the campaign(s) I want to play without having to be restricted to weekly turns within the main blog article page. It’s a busy, busy few weeks for me right now, so soon as I get a bit of time, this page will start filling up.. hopefully quite fast. I`m very keen to get the story of Jim and Barbara Gordon, monsters and ghosties and all things Turtles fully underway.. in fact the rest of the game can`t open up properly until we move this story along a bit further: and THAT I can now do woooot!!!!

    Clix is bit like D&D. If you really factor in all the monster manuals into your game, you have such a hotch-potch of monsters (ranging into the thousands if you are like me and have all seven monster manuals, each comprising of 330 odd pages) and Hero and Horror Clix is no exception. If you take your eye off the ball and allow yourself to become a `completest`` collector, you can easily end up with over a thousand monsters and bad guys, heroes and sidekicks in your collection.. with absolutely no constructive way to put it all together into a solid constructive story as for why they are all there in a game.

    I guess that’s the thing isn’t it. Like most the hobby really, the `game` is meant to be played on a light vein of thought: no real depth, no deep thinking. No effort to make a consistent campaign. In the case of Clix, more like: “I bet my Batman could beat your Spiderman, dude!” and the reply might be, “Yeah well my LE Iron Man could destroy your Doctor Doom, man!!!” and I find myself yawning a bit at this kind of stuff (yes I see a lot of it at clubs I`m afraid). For me I like to look beyond box and rule mechanics and one-off games. I don’t see a Yellow or Red base Click-y fig. I see a weaker or more powerful version of the mini I need to further the story I am telling at the time. If I need a Yellow base Batman.. I will use him, because he represents the guy who was just beaten up badly by Bain`s henchmen in the last episode of my story. If I want an ultra touch hero (maybe he’s really pissed and angry with his nemesis), then I might well choose to use the stronger based model to the time. It’s rare I actually bother too closely about using a points system. I just go with what feels right.. seems to me things are rarely balanced of fair in a fight anyway, right? Otherwise, just look at the real life Granada or Cuba as a example, right hehe.

    So yes, I have all these factions to bring into my game (like using multiple D&D monster manuals). I have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Batman Family, Superman, Spiderman and co, Iron Man, Thor, X Men, Turtles, Starlord, Hulk, Aquaman, and all the sidekick characters (I find those the most interesting of all to use: Miss Pepper Potts, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Alfred the butler and so on. So much fun to use in a game) etc etc etc and then we have Joker and Harley Quinn, Bane, Scarecrow, Penguin, and literally an entire HOST of others to try to get into the story (and the miniatures used on the table), and my job is to try find a way to do all this is a way which doesn’t seem contrived or just.. plain stupido!

    But therein lies the challenge and I`m having an absolute ball trying to fit it all in constructively hehe.

    1. Sounds very cool, so I'll be checking in regularly. :-)
      I'm guessing that you've been a bit busy, as you haven't commented on my latest post. It's a bit different from previous fare, as hobby time was limited last week, so we have a little bit of fantasy fiction - a sorbet to cleanse the palate - before venturing back into the workshop and playing with green stuff. Hil was complimentary, so I emailed her another tale entitled "if wishes were horses". I'd appreciate your opinion, should you get time. X

  7. have replied on your site :)